Welcome Tryp Rides Referral Partners! As a Referral Partner, whether a rider or driver, you are a representative of the Tryp Rides brand. The Tryp Rides commitment is to provide the highest quality ride service with a keen focus on safety and friendliness for everyone. Please make sure you read through the entire agreement, however below are some important takeaways to refer back to when creating marketing materials. Keeping your marketing tactics genuine and authentic to the Tryp Rides brand is of the utmost importance. Any complaints or questions regarding marketing/advertising compliance can be submitted to [email protected]

General Compliance- 

Referral Partner’s are strictly prohibited from making claims concerning the products and services offered by Tryp Rides that are inconsistent with, or beyond the scope of marketing materials produced and made available by Tryp Rides on Tryp Rides' website www.TrypRides.com. Referral Partner is prohibited from publishing or otherwise distributing advertisements by telemarketing, fax, or text messaging in any form to any device.

1. Referral Partner must plainly display ( i.e. , not in a link, or in small font) the following disclosure language set forth below, on any and all websites, marketing materials, advertisements, social media or other mediums that Referral Partner uses in connection with the solicitation of any Tryp Rides' service or product:

I am an independent Tryp Rides Referral Partner, not an employee or agent of Tryp Rides. I receive referral payments from Tryp Rides. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of Tryp Rides or its parent company, Tryp Technologies, Inc.

2. Generic Advertisements
No advertisement may imply that a job, position, salary, or any type of employment is allowed or being offered
B. No advertisement may promote, represent, or imply salaried position. Terms such as "now hiring" are not allowed.
C. No specific income can be promised or implied, and any references to compensation must use the word “commissions” to indicate the independent contractor status of Referral Partner.
D. * Advertisements may not contain references to Tryp Rides or its services and may not use any of the Company’s trademarks, logo or trade names.*
E. *Referral Partners are expressly prohibited from making any claims that the use of Tryp Rides will guarantee that the user will make money.*

3. External Websites
You are allowed to use external websites to promote your Tryp Rides Referral Link. If you wish to use an external website you must do the following:
A. Identify yourself as a Tryp Rides Referral Partner;
B. Use only the approved images and wording authorized by Tryp Rides
Adhere to the branding, trademark, and image usage policies
D. Agree to modify your website to comply with current or future TRYP Terms or Referral Program policies and terms.

  • Any time Referral Partner uses the word “Tryp,” “Tryp Rides” or “Tryp Technologies” it must be immediately followed by “®” or “TM” *
  • Referral Partner may not use “Tryp Rides” or other Tryp trademarks as part of any URL, domain or website name.

Referral Partner 'RideshareDan' did an awesome job with his website, check it out here for compliance and ideas-  RethinkRideshare.com 

4. Social Media
When posting on any of these social platform Instagram, Facebook, SnapChat, YouTube, WhatsApp, etc.
A. Each post must contain  @TrypRides or #TrypRides
B. Each post must contain  #ad , #advertisement, #promotion and/or #paidadvertisement in a clear and conspicuous location before the text of the description and in all events before the “More” button
C. Each Instagram post must use Instagram’s “Paid Partnership” tool
D. Each YouTube post must contain the word “Ad ”  “Advertisement, ”  “Promotion, ” or  “Paid Advertisement” within the video itself in a font size that is clearly recognizable to the viewer and which appears persistently throughout the length of the video in the top right hand portion of the video.

*No logo, tagline, trademark, trade name, or trade dress owned by Tryp Rides can be used. 

*Once again- Referral Partner may not use “Tryp Rides” or other Tryp trademarks as part of any URL, domain or website name.

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