Safety of our riders and drivers is our top priority.  We take your feedback very seriously.

All connections made between Riders and Drivers within the TRYP Technologies, Inc. software application are automatic and prevent any unlawful discrimination by either party involved. TRYP Technologies, Inc. requires that Drivers act in compliance with the policies regarding Riders that require service animals, are blind or low-vision or are deaf or hard of hearing. TRYP Technologies, Inc. also requires Drivers to provide accommodations for any Rider using any transportable form of mobility assistance including walkers, canes, or folding wheelchairs.

All situations in which denial of service takes place can be communicated to the support team and will be investigated in a timely and efficient manner. 

Please submit your feedback detailing the reasons you felt your driver exhibited discriminatory behavior so we may investigate.  Please describe your experience in as much detail as possible including what the driver said or did to make you feel uncomfortable.  We will immediately investigate.

To contact customer support, click the message bubble icon to the bottom right of your screen, then click “New conversation” type your message and hit send.

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