In all subscription plans the drivers keep 100% of the fare, wait time, and cancellation fees.  Drivers also get their own merchant account for direct payment.  Choose the best plan for you based on the number of drives per month.  If you find you're driving more than your plan allows you can upgrade to a higher plan at any time.

Tryp Rides Side Hustle $39.99 per month
Up to 50 rides per month.  

Tryp Rides Prime Driver $89.99 per month
Up to 150 rides per month.  

Tryp Rides Pro Driver $149.99 per month
Unlimited rides.
+In the Pro plan drivers receive a Tryp Rides Visa Rewards Card and qualify for special bonus programs. 

To contact customer support, click the message bubble icon to the bottom right of your screen, then click New conversation type your message and hit send.

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