Begin the application process online or through the app. 

Download App

-Download the Tryp Rides Driver App in either Apple Store (iOS) or Google Play stores.

Login/I'm New

-If you are a new Driver please click 'I'm New'

-Once you click 'I'm New' please enter your phone number and email address that you would like to use and click 'Create Account.'

-You will receive an OTP (One-Time Passcode) to your phone. Enter the OTP and proceed to set up your account.

-If you already have an account please hit 'Login' and enter your phone number. You will receive an OTP (One Time Passcode) to your phone. Enter the OTP and you're logged in.
-If you already have an account and you click 'I'm New' it will automatically log you in upon entering your phone number and email address.

Account Set Up

-Enter your First Name, Last Name, User Name, and Zip Code. Make sure your User Name does NOT contain the word 'Tryp'.  If you were referred by another user, enter their Referral Code in the proper field.

-Verify your Zipcode.

Choose Driving Plan

-We encourage you to watch the Driver Walk Through Video.  It may alleviate some of the questions that will be answered throughout this article.  If you think you can handle it, feel free to skip to 'Choose Driving Plan.'

-Choose your Driving Plan.  When choosing your Driving Plan, make sure to pick the plan that best suits your needs.

Add Payment Info

-Add your payment info.  You can either scan your card by clicking the camera icon on the right or you can manually enter the card info.

Add Billing Info

-Add your Billing Info

Terms and Conditions

-Click 'View Terms'.
-Review the terms and if you agree to the terms click 'I Agree To These Terms'.


-Review your Receipt and click 'Submit.'

Profile Picture

-After your payment has been processed, upload or take your Profile Picture.
Customers will use this photo to identify you. We're committed to ensuring a safe ride for our community.

  1.  Show your whole face and top of your shoulders.
  2. Take your sunglasses and hat off.
  3. Upload a photo.

Background Check

-After uploading your Profile Picture, begin entering the necessary information to carry out the background check.  This includes your Social Security Number and your Date of Birth.

-Enter your Address.  This may be different from your Billing Address.

Driver's License

-Take a photo of your Driver's License.
-If the information is legible click 'Save.' If not click 'Retake.'

Add Vehicle Info

-Enter the Vehicle Info of the vehicle that you will be using and click 'Continue.'

Vehicle Insurance

-Take a photo of your Vehicle's Insurance.  
-If the information is legible click 'Save.' If not click 'Retake.'

Vehicle Registration

-Take a photo of your Vehicle's Registration.
-If the information is legible click 'Save.' If not click 'Retake.'

License Plate

-Take a picture of your License Plate.  
-If the information is legible click 'Save.' If not click 'Retake.'

Stripe Merchant Account Setup

This is the portion of the signup process that will allow you to have your own Merchant Account.  This is what separates driving for Tryp Rides from driving for the competition. With a Merchant Account, you will receive payment from each Rider directly.

Merchant Account Video

-Watch the Merchant Account Video.  You will not be able to continue unless you finish the video and check the box confirming you've watched it.
-Pay attention to the 'Required Fields Review'. Take a screen shot that you can reference when setting up the Merchant Account.

Business Details

- "Your address" will autofill under Business Address.

-Enter "your phone number" under Business Phone number.
-Under 'Type of Business' select "Individual, sole proprietor, or single-member LLC"
-If you have an Employer Identification Number (EIN) feel free to use it. If not leave it blank.
-Under 'Business Website' it will autofill Leave as is.
-Under 'Business Description' select "Ridesharing".
-In the space underneath 'Business Description' enter Driver.
-Under 'How long after paying will your customers typically receive their goods or services?' select "Within one day".

Individual or sole proprietor details

-Enter your 'Legal name'.
-Enter your 'Phone Number'.
-Your 'Date of birth' will auto fill.

-Enter the 'Last 4 digits of Social Security number'.
-Enter your 'Home address'.

Credit Card Statement Details

-Underneath 'Statement descriptor' enter "Your Name".
-Under 'Support phone number' Tryp Rides Support number will autofill. Leave as is.

Bank Details

-Enter your banks 'Routing number'.
-Enter your 'Account number'.
-'Confirm account number'.

Two-step authentication

-Choose either 'Get text message' or 'Use an authenticator app' (for use of apps such as Google Authenticator)
-If you select 'Get text message' enter your phone number.
-Verify your phone number by entering the 6 digit verification code.
-Write down or download the 'Emergency Backup Code'

Save your Stripe account

-Enter your email.
-Create a password.
-Click 'Authorize access to this account'.

Upon completion of these steps, your account will be under review.  Continue checking the app to view the progress.


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