Vehicle Requirements

Here at Tryp Rides we maintain the highest standards of safety for vehicles using our digital platform which  incorporates all city or state requirements. Click here to find out more about your state.

Download the Tryp Rides driver app to both start an application as well as check your application status. 

Vehicle Inspection

If your vehicle does require an inspection, visit your state's page by clicking here to find your state under State and City Driver Info — the inspection packet you would need, along with the address and directions to the Tryp Go Center in your area (when applicable), will be provided there.

Vehicle Age Limits

If you’re moving to a new city or just before applying in general, head to Drive with Tryp Rides and scroll down to find your (new) city or state, and its minimum vehicle age requirement.

Vehicle doors, seats & seatbelts

All Tryp Rides vehicles must have a minimum 4 doors. All Tryp Rides vehicles must also have at least 5 seatbelts (including the driver's), with no more than 8 seats and seatbelts.

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