Ensuring passenger safety as a driver

Safety is a concern throughout the rideshare community. Which is why Tryp Rides makes it a point for both Drivers and Passengers. As a driver, please be sure to abide by all traffic law.  Below are some extra tips to help you provide safe, reliable rides on the Tryp Rides platform.

Pull over safely for pickups and drop-offs

Passengers love to get picked up precisely where they've requested the ride from, especially in cases when they may be carrying luggage or there is inclement weather. However, if a passenger asks you to pick them up at say a busy intersection or any place where it may be unsafe to sit and wait, call them to ask them how much longer they may be. You can go around the block or wait somewhere nearby until they call to let you know that they are outside at the pickup location. If the passenger says it's going to take them more than a few minutes, its ok to tell them that the app will automatically start charging for wait time after two minutes. 

Passengers tend to feel unsafe when drivers ask for their contact information

As a driver, you shouldn’t ask for a passenger’s contact information. Passengers tend to feel uneasy if you ask for their phone number, email, or how to find them on social media. If passengers would like to stay in touch with you, it should be up to them to ask for your contact info or give you theirs.

Here are some pro-tips for interacting with passengers:

  • It always helps to be professional. Being friendly should be a point of emphasis, but there is a way to be too friendly. Steer away from heavy conversation, and follow the passenger's lead.
  • It’s best that you don’t take personal calls while driving. A phone call-free ride helps establish a friendly and welcoming environment for passengers.
  • Avoid discussing touchy subjects such as politics, religion, dating and sexual orientation.
  • A passenger may be looking for a quiet, peaceful ride and may prefer not to talk. You migh not want to force conversation with a quiet passenger. If a passenger has activated Zen Mode, we highly suggest respecting that passengers request. 
  • Discrimination of any kind is not allowed on the platform.

Only accept rides through the app - don't pick up street hails

Due to safety and legal reasons, you can only pick up passengers matched through the Tryp Rides app. If someone tries asking for a ride without using the app, just let them know to download the Tryp Rides rider app and request a ride from one of the available Tryp Rides drivers (which should be you, if you're the nearest driver). If a passenger wants to continue riding with you in the future, they can add you to their list of favorite drivers. 

Make sure passengers wear their seat belts

Drivers should only take as many passengers as they have seat belts in the car for. Larger groups of passengers should split into multiple cars. 

Don't pick up minors unaccompanied by an adult

Children under the age of 18 are not permitted to ride unless accompanied by an adult. If you think that a ride request was made for an unaccompanied minor, tap the button in the bottom right corner to contact Tryp Rides Support immediately.

Unsafe rides

Excessive negative passenger feedback is typically an indicator of poor driving or other safety concerns. Too much of this can cause account deactivation.

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